Worshipping Idols- 2/12/2023

Feb 12, 2023

Two powerful groups came together for a common purpose, the high priest and the Pharisees. They hated each other, but they hated Jesus more. His fame was spreading, and people were believing in Him, creating fear that position, power, and idols would be stripped from their hands. These Jewish leaders had been taught from a young age that the Messiah would come and rescue all of them. When Jesus' ministry started, they saw Him as a false prophet. Still, eventually, the truth of His authentication was undeniable even to them. By this time, their positions and God's temple had become more valuable to them than turning their hearts to God. God's temple became an idol. Good things can become idols that work against and erode our relationship with Jesus. We see that so clearly in this passage. Despite the plot to murder Jesus, God was still on the throne, and His strategy will defeat the enemy. Sometimes we see the obstacles and the challenges, and our focus is on that, and we miss the part where God can prophesy through a corrupt man. And sometimes, we doubt this so much that we let good things become idols because we have allowed the enemy to convince us that those things hold the power to change our lives. When this happens, we have fallen into the enemy's trap, but Jesus made a way for us to relinquish our idols once and for all!