The Revealed Truth- 3/10/2024

Mar 10, 2024    Pastor Steve & Jen

Misguided in their grief and what had been lost, the disciples could not see the impact of the resurrection. Amid all the prophecies that had come to be in the last few days, the disciple's crushed hopes and grief caused them to be blind and deaf to the very words Jesus had spoken. At this point, there were eyewitness accounts that the resurrected Jesus had been seen, and angels testified regarding the same, but heartbroken, they clung to His death rather than hope in the resurrection. They were leaving in profound grief for all they had lost. They lost their Rabbi. They lost their dream of overthrowing the Roman government, and because of that, they could not see the bigger picture. Jesus is so patient with their unbelief, even though they refuse to believe the eyewitness He had sent them. Thankfully, even in their unbelief, confusion, and sorrow, Jesus reveals Himself as the risen Savior.