Proof- 3/31/2024

Mar 31, 2024    Pastor Steve & Jen

On Friday, Jesus took His last breath as He hung on the cross- a sinless Man who paid the judgment for all humanity. As Jesus hung on the cross, several Jewish prophesies were fulfilled: they divided one of Jesus' garments and cast lots for the other (Ps 22:11-18), His bones were not broken, and His side was pierced with a spear (Is 53:5; Zec 12:1-10). Isaiah fifty-three is about Jesus. This chapter so carefully describes the scene at the cross. This is critical because Isaiah was written 750 years before this moment. So, as these events unfolded, eyes willing to see were being opened to the idea that the Messiah was in their midst. Jesus took His last breath and said, "It is finished." Then, He bowed His head and delivered up His spirit. Joseph Arimathea (a prominent member of the Sanhedrin) asked if he could take Jesus' body to bury it before the Sabbath began. This is also significant as it fulfills another prophesy that the suffering Servant would be buried in a rich man's tomb (Is 53:9). 

On Sunday morning, the women returned to the tomb to care for Jesus' body, but instead, they were greeted by an angel telling them that Jesus had risen. They returned to tell the other disciples, and Jesus appeared to them. The other disciples did not believe them or Mary Magdalene, who had her own encounter with Jesus, but later that evening, while they were locked in a room hiding because they feared the religious leaders, Jesus appeared and said, "Peace be with you." It was at that moment they all believed and received the Holy Spirit. However, Thomas was not with them. Thomas is often known as "Doubting Thomas," as he said he would not believe without physical proof. Thankfully, Jesus invites us to test the truth of who He is so we may believe.