At The Feet of Jesus- 2/19/2023

Feb 19, 2023    Steve & Jen

Last week we learned that the religious leaders plotted to kill Jesus. As a result of that plan, Jesus and His disciples went to a city known as Ephraim. In that remote place about eighteen miles away from Jerusalem, Jesus would be hidden from those walking on the main highway toward Jerusalem for Passover. And since He had ministered in Judea previously (Jn 3:22), there may have been believing families in that area who loved Him. On the Friday before Passover, which would begin the following Thursday evening, Jesus boldly walked into Bethany despite the danger, and word of His arrival spread quickly (v9). On one of the days while He was in Bethany, probably the following Tuesday (Mk 14:1), Mary, Martha, and Lazarus provided a special meal for Him and His disciples. Matthew and Mark tell us that the meal was not served in their home but at the home of "Simon the Leper" (Mt 26:6-13; Mk 14:3-8). This dinner was most likely a celebration of the resurrection of Lazarus and a thank you to Jesus. We also see Martha and Mary falling back into their roles. Martha is worshiping Jesus by serving Him a meal. It was probably done with all her heart, and Mary was preparing Jesus for His burial while He was still alive. As Mary once again lowers herself at the feet of Jesus, we are struck by her act of worship. Spurgeon captures this so elegantly saying, "You must sit at His feet, or you will never anoint them; He must pour His divine teaching into you, or you will never pour out a precious ointment upon Him." We learn from carefully watching Mary and her pursuit of Jesus. Transformation starts at the feet of Jesus, where we learn, surrender (repent), and worship.