Joy Filled Disciples- 07/08/2023

Jul 9, 2023

Jesus used a grapevine to teach the disciples how critical it was that they stay attached to Him (Jn. 15:1-6). Prayer is a natural response to abiding in Jesus. Prayer is a powerful tool and a foundational part of a relationship with the Father. We utilize our ability to communicate with God in many ways. We cry out to Him when we are sad. We confess our sins, pain, and fear. We glorify Him with praise. We ask for His guidance in decision-making, and we pray for miracles. The more we do this, the closer our relationship with Him gets. Like any relationship, we must actively pursue communication to abide in Jesus and His words (vs. 7). In this passage, Jesus gave us seven promises stemming from abiding in Him.  Jesus modeled relationship with the Father and encouraged us to do the same with Him.


To become a joy-filled disciple of Jesus requires a person to give Jesus the control of their life. From that point on, they will repeatedly choose to live in such a way as to do whatever they can to help others meet Him. Jesus never enticed anyone with false promises of an easy life. Jesus warned them that following Him would cost them everything, but He also assured them that if they chose that path, it would lead to eternal life for them and many more to follow. Jesus asked people to trade in a life focused on self-fulfillment for something far better. Those disciples would be given spiritual gifts that would transform each of them into a disciple who would change the world. They would be empowered to do the most important work a person can do as they partner with God to save lost people.