The Cure for a Troubled Heart - 5/21/2023

May 21, 2023    Pastor Steve & Jen

The disciples had every reason to be troubled in heart. Let’s review what had already taken place that evening. The disciples came to the upper room taunting each other as they competitively clambered for the “Top Dog” award. They argued over who was the greatest among them (Lk. 22:24). Jesus answered their arrogance by washing their feet (Jn. 13:5-20). In that humbling moment, He changed the atmosphere of the room. This was followed by Jesus telling them that one of them was a traitor (Jn. 13-31), that all of them would deny Him, and that He would leave them that night (Jn 13:33-38). All of this would legitimately trouble the disciples.


Jesus can see their troubled faces revealing their troubled hearts. In true Jesus form, He responds to their pain and begins to teach them a lesson He had already modeled for them several times. He shares with them the cure for a troubled heart. Jesus thought and talked about His death. He knew the brutality that laid ahead of Him (Mt.16:21-23, 17:22-23, 20:17-19; Mk. 8:31-33, 9:30-32, 10:32-34; Lk.9:21-22, 43-45, 18:31-34; Jn. 12:7-8, 13:33, 14;25, 29). Jesus had spent His entire ministry knowing He would suffer a violent and painful death. He did not ignore it, but He did not dwell on it. After the triumphal entry on Palm Sunday, He became troubled in Spirit while considering His death. After acknowledging this with the Father, He moved past the pain to glorification (Jn. 12:27-33). He does this again when thinking about Judas’ betrayal. Once Judas had left, He focused on the glorification that would come after His death (Jn.13:21-31). Jesus felt what He felt and then dwelled on what was to come beyond the cross, and we see Him teaching the disciples to do the same and how to do it. Comfort and peace come from believing in the Father by placing our trust in Jesus, which is the cure for a troubled heart