Intimacy in Prayer - 1/1/2023

Jan 1, 2023    Steve & Jen

God desires fellowship with His people. We see this throughout the Bible. Serving our community and creating opportunities to help our church carry out that mission is critical. However, we tend to be so activity-oriented that we often forget that the heart behind our faith is a relationship with Jesus. This is not just about what we fundamentally believe, but it is about creating a relationship depended on Him. When we are depended on Him, our intimacy increases. This kind relationship can take a backseat to our Christian service if we are not intentional. Restoring this missing element in our prayer lives will revitalize us spiritually and enable us to carry on in our service to the Lord.


We talk a lot about burnout in the church. Among those who serve and care and give of themselves, an exhaustion, physically and emotionally as well as spiritually can have an impact on how we minister and care for others. Many of the issues relating to burnout can be overcome by a restoration of relationship of intimacy with God in prayer.


Since this is important to God, it should also be important to us. As we commit ourselves to grow in intimacy with God through prayer, it is important that we examine biblical accounts of those who had this intimate walk with God. It will help us better understand how special a close relationship with God can be. When we grow more intimately with God it increases our intimacy with people. Prayer is intimate and when you begin to have a fulfilling prayer life you find that intimacy and trust can grow with those around you.