Safe Sanctuary- Sunday 10/2/2022

Oct 2, 2022

As a church, one of the most critical goals is to create a Safe Sanctuary. A Safe Sanctuary is a place free of abuse where individuals can come and safely encounter the love of Jesus and grow in that love and discipleship. Part of creating a Safe Sanctuary is caring for the most vulnerable in our community. This group is our children, youth, and vulnerable adults. We do this by creating a culture of safety. Most Christians get saved between the ages of 4 and 14. There is no wonder why Satan would want to destroy their relationship with, first, the church and then God. Our Foursquare Child and Youth Protection videos say, "God has a plan for every child's life. Hell has a plan to delay fulfillment of God's plan." Keeping our church family safe does not happen on its own. It occurs when a church takes deliberate actions to protect, nurture and disciple. Whether you are a parent, a youth, or a single person who never plans to have children, we should care about protecting and keeping our family safe. So, today we are dedicating our service to a value we hold true to in our lives- creating a Safe Sanctuary.