Why we Worship

Apr 10, 2022    Steve & Jen

Worship is an incredible tool for all believers. It can loosen the bonds of sin, drive out feelings of depression and anxiety, take captive lies and bring us to a place of victory. There is something about the act of worship which causes us to take our focus off ourselves and our problems and turn our focus upward. It changes the posture of the very body we live in. When our eyes are on God, we can find the faith and courage to move beyond our current circumstances. On Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, being worshipped like a king. As the crowd threw their coats and palm branches on the ground and praise rung out, there were many different emotions in the crowd. Jesus knew He was about to become a living sacrifice. The disciples must have felt a mix of fear and excitement, and many in the crowd worshipped for different reasons. Some worshipped as true disciples, some for a liberator who they thought would over through the Roman government. Some probably joined in because it looked fun, but regardless of why they were worshiping, they were all worshipping Jesus, our Savior. As they worshipped, they turned their focus from themselves to the King.