Resurrection Sunday 2022

Apr 17, 2022    Steve & Jen

It is human nature to want proof. We do not want to be caught off guard or seen as gullible. Jesus' resurrection should not have been a surprise to the disciples, yet they seem to have forgotten the prophecies and Jesus' words Himself, and are caught off guard by His resurrection. Have you ever been put in a position where your emotions fool you, distort what you know, and reconfigure your reality? This is what we see happen to the disciples. Their reality has been nullified by their grief and sorrow. At times we see our world through a false reality. The reality of this fading world and not the reality of the eternal promises of God.

When we allow Jesus to reveal Himself to each of us, that is when our eyes are open to the eternal realities of who we are and what God has designed us for, His promise is a close and intimate relationship with Him. Through His Son's victory over the grave, we are given access back to the relationship for which we were initially designed.